A Beginner’s Guide to Betting on MMA

April 12, 2022

Even though Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the most exciting and exhilarating sporting events to watch, for some, the spectacle is insufficient. Betting on fights can be a worthwhile and profitable experience for you, whether you want the added rush of having something at stake during the fights or if you just want to have fun with a little extra money on the side.

Betting on mixed martial arts (MMA) can make watching the sport more enjoyable, but it can quickly become very expensive if you are not knowledgeable about what you are doing. You’re in luck because we’re here to help you navigate the confusing world of traditional sportsbook wagering options.

Gameplay Instructions

First and foremost, you must avoid the bookie in your area. MMA isn’t big enough to attract a lot of local attention, and it has a shady history, to begin with. If no action is taking place, a bookie is unable to offer the same odds as a casino or an online sportsbook.

Fans living outside of the United States now have a plethora of options thanks to the proliferation of online sportsbooks. However, proceed with caution and due diligence because not all sports betting websites are created equal. The most important aspect for you to focus on is the site’s policy regarding payout processing. There are websites that willSome websites will allow you to make small deposits and bets, but they will not allow you to cash out until you’ve reached a certain amount of money in your account.

If you are a sports fan in the United States, your betting options are limited to sportsbooks located in the state of Nevada.

Knowing Your Fight Odds

A money line is used for MMA fight betting, as opposed to a point spread, which is used for other types of sports betting. Let’s use the main event of the upcoming UFC 194 card to demonstrate what a money line looks like.

  • -McGregor is the clear favorite to win this fight, with odds of -175 in his favor. If McGregor wins, you’d have to bet $175 to win $100.
  • -In contrast, if you bet on Aldo at +155 odds, you will only need to risk $100 to potentially win $155.
  • -If the fight ends in a tie, you will be refunded the full amount of your wager.

How to Make a Bet

The simplest way to get started is to play straight up; all you have to do is pick the winners. As a result, because the risk is lower, the potential payouts are lower.

When you’ve mastered picking winners, it’s time to try your hand at something a little more difficult: the parlay. A parlay is a type of bet in which the bettor chooses the winners of multiple fights rather than picking the winner of a single fight. The level of difficulty increases significantly at this point because, to win, every one of your picks must be correct, but the payouts also increase significantly.

After becoming acquainted with the fundamentals of picking winners, the next logical step is to venture into the world of proposition betting. When you place a prop bet, you’re not just picking a winner; you’re picking a specific outcome. For example, a bet on McGregor to win by decision over Aldo is currently available at odds of +375. However, the only way to win is for McGregor to be awarded the fight by unanimous decision.

Prop bets can be a great way to find value on big favorites while also increasing your potential earnings from playing straight up. Prop bets typically involve an excessive amount of risk, so if you want to participate in them, you must proceed with extreme caution.


Start with a small stake. Betting on fights is a lot more difficult than many people think. Avoid overextending yourself while you are still learning the ins and outs of the process; instead, make small bets. To begin with, neither the payouts nor the losses will be particularly large. You can start taking more risks as soon as you feel more confident about how to bet and what to look for.

One of the most common mistakes that novice gamblers make, according to research, is betting with their emotions rather than their minds. Even though betting on fights can enhance the experience for fans, gamblers must not let their enthusiasm cloud their judgment or they risk losing money in the long run. Spend some time researching your bets and determining why you chose Fighter A over Fighter B. This will allow you to make better decisions.

Have Fun

At the end of the day, betting on fights should be enjoyable, and it should enhance your viewing experience. Even if your goal is to become a professional gambler, this is true.